• Lattice Arch
  • Unity/ Communion Ceremony

  • Shutter Arch

  • Iron Scroll Cross

NOTE: We are in the process of cataloging all rental items. We have hundreds of items. Contact us about items not found. Many items are not posted yet. We also receive new items routinely.   

​Note: We NO longer have linen rentals, effective 8/1/2019.

Ceremony Items 

  • Tall Thin Cross 4" Beams

  • ​Copper Arch

  • Birch Arch​
  • Feet Washing Ceremony

  • Ornate Iron  Arch

Arches and Crosses

  • Chunky Cross 8" Beams

​​Southern Celebrations

Arches and Crosses

  • Basic Wood Arch​

  • Round Arch

  • Walk Through